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Secrets of the Gods - Chap 4 :iconmoonlight-hour:Moonlight-Hour 1 0
Secrets of the Gods - Chap 3
Koun could feel her life force fade away as he held her in his arms. Every fiber of his being raged and lamented over the loss of his beloved who was gone now. Her bloody body lay limp in his arms and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. She was dead.
Slowly, he lifted his eyes to look up at her murderer. A body made, not born. That was what had been buzzing around at the Kasai's compound earlier that day. There was no mistaking it that these two were associated with Rokuda. No, Shigure to be exact. Oh, how angry he was! Koun's wrath would soon be upon them...if he wasn't being held back by the fact he needed to protect his half of the world. His necklace.
Raine grinned at Koun, Miraa's now bloody necklace, tightly in his grasp. He knew Miraa would be their easier target, that's what Rokuda had said. Koun would be his real challenge, and he was excited to accept it. Killing the God's wasn't the goal. All they needed was the necklace, whether the God's died in the process
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Secrets of the Gods - Chap 2
Koun had been finding himself being drawn to the mortal realm more and more recently. He wasn't sure exactly why, but it was an escape for him. He was both bored and... anxious? Perhaps that was the right word...but yet he still couldn't quite place the feeling. All he knew was that something kept nagging him in the back of his mind. Being in the Fairy realm didn't ease his feelings, so maybe the mortal realm was his answer. And if he was in the mortal realm, then there was only one person he wanted to see. Linn Kasai. What was she up to today~?
Linn hummed softly as she was on the clan compound laying out in the sun. She loved sun-tanning, letting the sun heat her skin. She had her hair up in a messy bun while she wore a bikini. Tatsu had told her he was helping his sister today and that they'd meet up later in the day. Linn was fine with it. She was so happy that Tatsu and Natsumi were forming a bond. Somewhere deep down, she knew he needed it.
Eyes closed, she laid on a rock, hummin
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Secrets of the Gods - Chap 1
In an instant, one of the most powerful spirits simply vanished. No trace of their spiritual pressure anywhere. It felt as if they no longer existed, but that wasn't true. There was still this gut feeling that she was still around. She had to be somewhere. But where? That was the question on everyone's mind. However, if she wasn't around in this realm or the mortal realm, there was still another place that could hide her presence. And that would only confirm one thing: Miraa was with Koun.
It was unusual because none of the other gods really knew why Miraa would be with such a god like Koun. They were polar opposites - not that meant much. But still...Miraa would not subject herself to someone as immature as Koun. She was of a regal, orderly status while he played pranks and hung around the mortal realm. It was just...strange.
"So...are we in agreement?" Sushio asked, looking around at the gathered eyes of the other gods and goddesses. "Someone should tell him...?"
Everyone was g
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 62
Miraa had just come from spending time with Koun. Her soul called to his, and it was getting harder and harder to stay away from him. She had not told the others, but she knew they were all keeping close watch on her. She hated it.
When she returned, she found that the others surrounded her, asking where she had been. It became too much and she demanded some time to herself, slamming herself into her chambers. She couldn't take it right now. She just wanted to be alone.
Miraa's eyes widened as she felt a tug. "Yuuna Katorabe." She breathed, glancing down at the mortal realm. This was it. This is how she was to die. But as the pain in her chest worsened, she knew she had to go.
"Miraa-sama..." A husky voice called to her from the other side of her chambers. It belonged to Zetomu, the Katorabe God, who had tried to stay away from the others during this suspicion raging among the others. But enough was enough. He needed to speak with his lover about the rumors. He needed to know
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 61
Raiden sighed as he walked through his home towards the kitchen. He hadn't bothered to throw on his shirt yet, and his hair was messier than normal, indicating, he had a hangover, again. He saw Haruto at the table and moved to sit next to him, slamming his head off the table.
"Morning..." He grumbled.
Haruto didn't blink at his husband's appearance. Seeing as he didn't partake in the previous night's festivities, he assumed Raiden had been out with Tamu all night. That almost always turned into binge drinking.
He cocked an eyebrow at his Sleeping Beauty, took a sip of his coffee, and then spoke. "Late night?"
"I... I guess...? I don't remember..." Raiden sighed, his face smooshed into the table. "Haruto, my love...?" He breathed. "Can you remind me of something...?"
"Yes, my party animal?" There was a humorous lilt to his voice as he replied.
"Can you pretty-please remind me what I've done to earn your ever-ending love... when I'm just a complete, drunken, cheating, fool~?"
Haruto roll
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 60
Linn groaned as she hung upside down on a bench in the village. Tatsuhiro was supposed to meet her, but was late. Figures. He was always late.
"He better have a good reason for being so late." Linn grumbled to herself, closing her eyes.
"Shouldn't be so vulnerable, little girl~" A man chuckled deeper before a sharp pain entered Linn's head.
"A-Ah!" She gasped, reaching for her hair. As her eyes opened she spotted two large men crowding her. The one who spoke, currently standing on her hair. "P-Please, get off of my hair..." She squeaked.
"It is such pretty hair~" The second man purred, crouching down to be at eye level with her. "Could play with it for a while, right Toku?" He looked to his buddy, grinning.
"Right, Rin~" The other man chuckled.
Linn narrowed her eyes. "I said... get off!" She shouted, rolling backward to kick Toku in the jaw.
With a groan he stumbled back and Linn rolled off the bench onto her hands and knees. She gasped as she tried to get to her feet, but she felt he
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 59
How was she going to tell him? She'd been away for a few days now, tending to those brought in from Shi Island, and hadn't had a chance to see Akuso all week. She wondered how he was doing. Had he reverted back? Nozomi was worried that her being away would have negative effects on his behavior, especially since she didn't even check in with him. Maybe he would be mad at her. He had every right to be...
Nozomi bit the inside of her cheek as she stood outside his door.  She was nervous to how he would react to seeing her after days without any contact. Oh, she felt so guilty!
When she finally gained the courage to open the door, she immediately saw Akuso... but he was acting strange.
He had flipped himself upside down in his chair, flopped out like a ragdoll as his eyes stared at the ceiling. He appeared... lost. Sad even. Was he really that lost without her?
"I do not want any nurse who is not my beloved Nozomi..." He grumbled.
"A-Akuso-san...?" Nozomi squeaked, blinking upon seein
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 58
Koun was bored. Terribly bored. All this talk about threats in the mortal realm and then nothing happening? Yeah, that would definitely cause a god such as himself to become bored. And what would happen if a god grew bored? Well, anything, of course!
So who should he bother today? Linn was having fun with her lover. And Leina was busy with her sister. Miraa was always an option, but she wanted to stay a secret. So how was he to draw her out of hiding? Yes, this was definitely the game he wanted to play. Maybe if he opened up that special door...She would surely feel it. That would be his calling card. That would reel her in for sure.
Miraa sighed to herself as she had been lying on her bed simply staring at the ceiling. She had told the others to leave her in peace, just wishing a moment to herself. She had been noticing the other Gods watching her closely lately. Did they know? Did Hiiraa tell the others of her vision?
As she shut her eyes she suddenly felt a tug as if a door was open
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 57
"I can do this... I this! I can! ... Oh I can't!" A voice cried as there was a thump.
Aya crumpled by the door of the apartment she shared with the other healed victims. She had been telling herself all week that she was going to be brave and step out onto the compound on her own and stop relying on everyone... but she couldn't. Defeated and believing she was alone, dropped to her knees and sobbed.
She was so useless! Without someone else, she was entirely helpless! How could she ever re-enter into society like this? Even being alone in this apartment was anxiety inducing! She just remained in a tight ball, sobbing softly in the middle of their livingroom. Maybe she would have been better off dying in her cell... or under Rokuda's knife...
"Aya-san...?" A gentle voice called from the hallway, slow footsteps making their way to the living room. "Is that you?"
Aya froze in her tantrum as she heard her name. Slowly lifting her head, she saw Hitsugi heading toward her, using the w
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 56
Hours passed as Hatori, Junn, Suzu and Ria worked on those rescued from Shi Island. Unlike the last batch, there were more in worse condition this time. Kaori had been brought in with broken bones, and a cracked skull. Tetsui was malnourished and unresponsive to doctor treatment. Norihisa was the worst as his body was littered in burns and open wounds. It would be unknown for quite some time if they man had gone brain-dead or not. And like Tetsui, Han seemed mostly untouched besides being unresponsive.
After working late into the night, two of the patients had woken up; Tetsui and Kaori. As Junn left the room for the night, he was surprised to see Sayuri, Rune, Tsuyoshi and Sachiko waiting already.
"It's late, shouldn't you all be in bed?" Junn yawned.
"With my father in there, are you crazy?" Rune growled. He had been on edge all day since he heard of the rescue.
Sachiko nodded alongside her father-in-law, clenching her hands together. "I simply wish my mother." She breathed
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 55
"This time everyone is to be rescued. We will ensure that all captives are alive, and we will bring them back." Tomoe Kasai addressed those heading out on the next rescue mission. She looked at the most qualified for this mission as they were to leave any minute. First, they needed a briefing of their objective. "Is this understood?"
"Of course." Yua grinned as she clung to her husband's arm.
"Can we get going?" Riku sighed gently.
Tomoe shook her head. "I need confirmation from all party members."
"You guys really think I'm useful?" Yoshiki mumbled.
"Your unique ability is similar to statements from Hideki." Riku breathed. "You might be the only one who could match Rokuda."
"Yay..." Yoshiki sighed deeply.
A hand clapped on Yoshiki's shoulder, bringing his attention to his husband's grinning face. "Come on, Shiki, it'll be fun~ We haven't been on a mission together...ever!" He laughed, throwing his head back.
Yoshiki blushed. "There may be a reason for that..." he mumbled.
"Lighten up,
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 54
Hiiraa paced the floors over and over, waiting for four of her trusted friends to meet her. She could not take it anymore. Being quiet about something so big, so dire, and possibly so life-threatening, had to be told to others. It had to!
The vision she had wasn't clear, but even now she could relive it over and over. She remembered seeing Miraa watching from their realm when suddenly she disappeared. The next thing she saw was Miraa, guarding something, or someone from something else, which only angered the Vision-Goddess. Visions were almost never easy to witness. They were never obvious and often gave as little information as possible. She remembered the focus on Miraa's necklace, something that had always seemed so insignificant to Hiiraa, suddenly she was now constantly thinking about. As the vision continued to fly rapidly, she caught one small scene within it.
"Whatever abomination you are, your time here on my Earth is over!" Miraa shouted.
Though Hiiraa was unable to catch any
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 53
Arine simply stared at the woman sitting on Teruya's couch. She had her arms folded across her chest with a very wary glance over at her. Even though this woman was found by her newly acknowledged boyfriend, Arine couldn't look past this jealous feeling that was bubbling up inside of her. Why was this woman even here? She had connections to the Seishin-Juu clan. She belonged over there. Not here.
Kitsune was oblivious to Arine's anger, simply looking around the apartment. Teruya wanted her to stay close as he monitored her wound. With a smile she turned to Arine.
"You know, frowning gives you wrinkles faster ~" she simply grinned.
Arine just continued to squint. She didn't like this woman. Not one bit.
"What's wrong?" She whined. "Are you protective over my doctor?" She giggled.
"He's not yours," Arine mumbled, her cheeks flaring up just a bit. The words rushed out faster than she could hold them back.
Kitsune smirked. "So he's yours then?"
Arine blinked, flushing a bit more. "Well...y
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 52
"This is nice." Kegawa Inuzuka noted as he and his fiancée were enjoying an afternoon together. Since Raven relinquished control of the Seishin-Juu to her brother, things had settled down in their lives. They could enjoy peace and quiet without any risk of disturbances coming from her council. This was what Kegawa liked most. He wanted nothing but Raven by his side.
Raven was half-asleep, lying on the bed next to Kegawa. She was due any day by this point and was finding herself sleeping more and more. Despite it, she still wanted to be at Kegawa's side constantly, seeking his embrace.
"Mhm..." She mumbled back, snuggling closer to him as her stomach squished slightly between them.
Kegawa chuckled to himself as he stroked her hair. He was sitting up in the bed as she was laying completely against him, snuggling into his side. She was so cute. "Waking now~?" He teased her.
"Little..." She responded with a yawn.
He chuckled some more. "Oh yeah? Did I wake you~?"
She shook her head. "
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Apart of the Pack - Chap 51
"You has been nice having you around more~" Etsuko sang softly as she played with her husband's hair. They were having a lazy afternoon as the upper echelon of the Kasai clan were meeting to discuss a plan of action. She knew that Hideki was having a hard time adjusting to a simple life, so she wanted to take his mind off of things. "I can't remember the last time we spent so much time together~" She giggled softly.
"I know you're trying to make me feel better, Etsuko, but it's not working..." Hideki sighed, relaxing into her touch.
Hideki had given up. He hated having nothing to do. Yes it was nice spending time with his wife and parents, but he felt meaningless, and it didn't help that he was still avoiding his son, Denji. He just gave up trying.
Etsuko frowned but didn't stop her fingers. She sighed softly, her shoulders slumping forward as she tilted her head to the side. "Oh, Hideki...I just...I just wish there was something I could do..."
"Can you get your father to giv
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